We are a Ruby Meetup group and hold twice a month meetups in Boulder, Colorado.

On the second Wednesday of each month we hold Presentation Night.

Coding Night is held the fourth Thursday of every month.

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Presentation Night Meetup Videos

November 2023

Enhancing LLMs with Retrieval Augmented Generation | Full Talk

By Andrei Bondarev of Langchain.rb


October 2023

September 2023

Generative AI and the Future of Programming for Rubyists | Full Talk

By Scott Werner from Sublayer

July 2023

Let's Learn More About Turbo by Deconstructing My Help Desk-Like Rails App | Full Talk

By Andy Peters from Doorkeep

May 2023

Applying SRE Principles to CI/CD | Full Talk

By Mel Kaulfuss from Buildkite

April 2023

How I commit, with Lazygit | Lightning Talk

By Ryan Stemmle from SOFware

Introducing Bridgetown | Full Talk

By Jeremy Hinegardner of Dojo4

March 2023

Composing a Flexible Dev Environment with Docker Compose Full Talk

By Spike Ilacqua from Praecipio Consulting

Composing Micro-Frontends w/ Rails & (JS) Friends | Lightning Talk

By Tim Tyrell from Brandfolder

February 2023

Hotwiring reCAPTCHA | Lightning Talk

By Ben Randolph from Ownify

Ruby Function Composition | Full Talk

By Brooke Kuhlmann of Alchemists

January 2023

The devise_saml_authenticable gem | Lightning Talk

By Rylan Bowers from Benefix

November 2022

Panel on Ruby, Rails and Web development job market and career advice. | Full Talk / Panel


  • Robyn Purvin, Partnership Manager at Turing
  • Kyle Lamy, VP of Engineering at Maxwell
  • Jerry Ramey, Mobilize CTO and co-founder
  • Marty Haught, Director of Engineering at Hashicorp

October 2022

BulmaFormRails Gem: Easy Pretty Forms For Non-Designers | Lightning Talk

By Kevin Weller from Modern GeoSystems

Sauté until cooked through: Infrastructure as Code using Chef and RubyLightning Talk

By John Best

March 2022

How we made our Ruby App Concurrent Golang Style! | Full Talk

By Sudhindra Rao from JFrog

February 2022

You light up my life: How quantum physicists are leveraging light to break through to the next level of quantum computing | Lightning Talk

By Akira Brand

Breaking up the bundle | Full Talk

By Joel Hawksley of Github

January 2022

The Yield Keyword in Ruby | Lightning Talk

By Antonio King

OpenTelemetry for Rubyists | Full Talk

By Francis Wang of NYC.rb

March 2021

From ruby-ist to javascripter: A self-taught journey | Lightning Talk

By Akira Brand from Emeritus Education

Ruby Pattern Matching | Full Talk

By Brooke Kuhlmann of the Alchemists

February 2021

GitHub Buddy | Lightning Talk

By Taylor Phillips

Crystal for Rubyists | Full Talk

By Kirk Haines

January 2021

A Certain Swagger | Lightning Talk

By Zeke Clark

View Components In The Wild | Full Talk

By Joel Hawksley from Github

November 2020

Learning to Love Writing Tests | Lightning Talk

By Sienna Kopf from Turing

Rails!? Still!? | Full Talk

By PJ Hagerty from DevRelate.io

October 2020

Hacking Stacks | Lightning Talk

By Tim Kleier from ASRC Federal

Modern interviewing panel | Full Talk

By Paul Christopher / Patrick Armentrout / Brooke Kuhlmann

September 2020

GraphQL Federation | Full Talk

By Julian Ramlal

July 2020

Ethics and programming - A simple light framework for developers | Lightning Talk

By Kevin Glynn

AMA w/ Brad Feld from Foundry Group | Full Talk

By Brad Feld from Foundry Group

June 2020

Alone Together: the Neuroscience of Connection and the Limitations of Digital Presence | Lightning Talk

By Daniel Frampton

it { should be a_good_talk } | Full Talk

By Paul Sadauskas from TextUs

May 2020

Don't @ me! Instance Variable Performance in Ruby | Full Talk

By Aaron Patterson from Shopify

April 2020

Design Patterns: The Key to Refactoring Rails MVC | Lightning Talk

By John Travers

Migrating Rails from Heroku to AWS | Full Talk

By Carleton DiLeo from Algoly

March 2020

Thinking Inside the Box: Checklist-Driven Development | Lightning Talk

By Andrew Ek

Evolution of a Cloud Native Architecture | Full Talk

By Mike Gehard

January 2020

Milestoner | Lightning Talk

By Brooke Kuhlmann

Encapsulating Views | Full Talk

By Joel Hawksley of Github

November 2019

How we Teach Human Bias to Machines, and What To Do About It | Full Talk

By Ursula Moreno-Vanderlaan from Techtonic

October 2019

How we deliver software at Brandfolder | Full Talk

By Brett Nekolny - Head of Engineering @ Brandfolder

Rails API performance and sparse fields | Full Talk

By Logan Sears - Technical Product Manager & Sr. Software Engineer @ Brandfolder

August 2019

Better Service Objects With Dry-Transaction | Full Talk

By Paul Sadauskas from Textus

April 2019

Taking Lead | Full Talk

By Marty Haught

February 2019

Move Fast and Break Things | Full Talk

By Josh Thompson


We are always looking for speakers for the Boulder Ruby meetup. Presentations are expected to either be 15-35 minutes long with questions, or a 5-10 minute lightning talk. Topics can be either anything rubyish/rails or software development. (We've had presentations on k8s, machine learning and interviewing, for example.) See above for more examples of past presentations.

It's a friendly group. Audience is typically 15-40 folks depending on topic/speaker. The audience experience level varies from "I just graduated from Turing" to "I help run railsconf".

If you are not in the Denver/Boulder area, we have the equipment for a remote presentation (Zoom or Google Hangouts). Tweet us or contact Dan Moore at mooreds+boulderb@gmail.com to discuss speaking, or if you have more questions.

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